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Companies of LMC Group

LMC Group since 2004 is a leading Russian consulting group specializing in loyalty programs development, implementation and operational support. At the current moment LMC Group unites several companies offering to clients complex services in customer oriented marketing:

LMC Projects is a marketing consulting company developing loyalty program concept, dm, advertising and pr strategy, marketing analytics and etc.

LMC Business Mail Service is a provider of complex direct-marketing services based on our own production facilities.

LMC Operations is a external loyalty program management provider – independent operator for loyalty program outsourcing support.     

LMC Media  is the owner of the biggest russian loyalty marketing web-resource – www.loyaltymarketing.ru – and is a publisher of a printed magazine on loyalty issues.  

LMC Group:

          Since 2004 is the leading Russian loyalty programs developer.

          The author of own marketing techniques and technologies (The winner of international marketing competition Silver Mercury 2008 with it`s loyalty program as the best innovation project).

          The partner of the leading European consulting associations uniting loyalty programs developers.

          The provider of integrated complex solutions with practical experience in loyalty program development, implementation and operational support.

          In our projects we`re using almost all main marketing tools.

          Rendering services in loyalty program vision audit, strategy development, and daily management of complex long-term programs.

          LMC Group was created to be a provider of full cycle service for developing and implementing loyalty programs of any complexity level. Technically and technologically the company goes along with the latest loyalty marketing trends.

          Our experts have a proven experience of designing, launching and supporting loyalty programs in various businesses.

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