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LMC Media is the owner of the biggest Russian loyalty marketing web-resource - www.loyaltymarketing.ru - and is a publisher of a printed magazine on loyalty issues.

Loyalty Library publishes latest news and articles from all over the world. You may find there the most interesting material on brand loyalty, improving staff loyalty, managing customer loyalty and loyalty programs development.

Library covers both theory and practice. The website describes the experience of the world`s leading companies in the loyalty marketing, as well as advice, forecasts and statistics from market experts. Library looks behind the facade of working in Russia loyalty programs.

Media portal was founded in 2004 and since that time has being relieved supported by LMC Group experts. Since 2005, LMC Group is the official media partner of a number of major Western electronic and print media on loyalty issues. Loyalty Library offers subscribers access to the official translations from Colloquy, The Wise Marketer, MediaPost.com and a number of other resources.

It`s taking part in various mass media activities, conducts its own conferences and seminars, covering key issues of loyalty marketing. The pride of the site is the latest information on loyalty marketing with leading experts comments.
Loyalty Library
Loyalty Library - loyalty marketing web-site

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