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LMC Operations

LMC Operations is an external loyalty program management provider – independent operator for loyalty program and gift cards outsourcing support. It was launched in January 2009.

Innovative new generation software solution developed by SAP (USA) considers all requirements of promptly developing Russian market.

The newest technologies used in SAP solution and our expert knowledge have allowed to achieve conformity to the most strict standards in the field of loyalty programs outsourcing support.

Basic characteristics:

       Universality – Thanks to modern architecture, system is easily integrated with other software products that allow us to support almost all kinds of cards (magnetic stripe, smart, rfid, digital, etc.). Besides that, system possesses a wide set of sluices for easy integration with different pos- systems and data storage systems.

       Scalability – At the heart of architecture lays a principle of modular escalating of capacities that allows carrying out easily scaling and high-quality daily management of local, regional and federal projects for mono-brand, co-brand or coalitions.

       Adaptability to manufacture - As technological partners of the project leaders world consulting and IT the companies such as SAP, Microsoft, Avaya, LMG, Alliance Data Systems Corporation and others act.

       Equipment – Datacenter is equipped by the modern hardware, telecommunication and polygraph equipment.

       Safety and secure – Datacenter provides high degree of information safety and secure (the round-the-clock protection, strictly limited access, allocated servers under each program, the protected data links, real time copying).

       Fault tolerance - Flexible architecture of the centre is constructed under a principle of functional components duplication and interchangeability of hardware maintenance.
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