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 LMC Projects

Development of loyalty programs:

  • Preliminary research (IT diagnostics, marketing audit etc.).
  • Marketing strategy
  • Law, finance and operation program models
  • Program business processes
  • IT structure of the project
  • Project economics

Implementation of loyalty programs:

  • Creating of technical profiles and demands to cash machine software, POS terminals and cash machine servers
  • Development and delivery of training for loyalty program staff
  • PR and advertising support for loyalty program
  • Loyalty program launch

Support of loyalty programs:

  • Operational support
  • Analytical service center
  • Communication support:
    • Direct Marketing: SMS, Direct Mail, Telemarketing, POS.
    • ATL, BTL advertising
    • PR

Audit of discount and bonus programs. Re-launch of loyalty programs.

No-loss transition from discounts to bonuses. Changing privilege package. Optimizing finance scores of loyalty program.

Measuring/monitoring of cuctomer loyalty

Researching of customer strategies, building predictable models of customer behavior

Developing marketing strategies of customer return/retaining.

Measuring customer satisfaction

Analyzing of assortment policy

Loyalty Library
Loyalty Library - loyalty marketing web-site

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